May 072013
The Ass-Fucked Life

"Every day is Christmas when you've got boobs," says Kayla Kleevage, the mega-busty feature dancer, fuck star and SCORE Girl who has been keeping guys hard since the 1990s. The woman has had a lot of doors opened for her. A lot of free drinks poured. A lot of presents bought. Kayla considers those among the best perks of having huge tits, but the fact that she likes to fuck and attracts a lot of cock might be the biggest benefit of all.

"I enjoy it, the hardcore and all of the other nasty stuff," she said. "I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it. Having sex in front of a camera, knowing so many people are watching, is fun. And I love the idea of walking into a supermarket, let's say, having people notice me, and knowing they know that I fucked on-camera. It's exciting in a reverse-voyeuristic kind of way."

Knowing that she got ass-fucked on-camera, something she has done many times, including in this video, shot in 2002. Knowing that she enjoys drinking cum out of glasses and giving blow jobs in public, something she talked about in an interview in 1999. I interviewed Kayla during the Mega-Boob Olympics shoot in 2001 in Islamorada, Florida the day after I had sat with Kayla on the patio of the beach for a few hours, listening to her talk to me about her tits and fucking and how she loved to fuck on-camera and so many other big-titted SCORE Girls didn't. She must have suspected that I was sitting there with a hard-on all night. I'm sure she liked the idea.

"There are guys who aren't big magazine guys, but they love to watch videos, and the more stuff you do, the more turned on they get," she said. "See, the thing is, there are guys who don't care if you do hardcore or not. They're happy just to see you. Then there are some guys who want to see video. I'm hoping I'm giving them the best of both worlds."

In addition to modeling and fucking, Kayla also discovered several SCORE Girls, including Kandi Cox and Chelsea Charms, and was good friends with Minka. Both of them lived in Las Vegas, although Kayla was born in Wisconsin and later lived in Texas. I definitely think of Kayla as more of a Texas girl, big all over with a wild sexual appetite.

When this scene opens, Kayla has a cock in her mouth. No setup. Just right to blow job.

"You have such a big, beautiful cock, I love it," Kayla says between loud slurps, something I'm sure she's said to a lot of guys. Then the guy drills her cunt, then he shoves his cock into her tight ass.

"Is my ass taking your cock nice? It is taking it all? I have such a tight little asshole. Everybody tells me that."

The cock withdraws from her ass. Kayla sucks it some more. The cock cums on her tits. Such is the life of Kayla Kleevage.

The Ass-Fucked Life

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